Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Windows 7 – Always show icons in the System Tray

Windows 7 changes the default functionality of the System Tray to hide icons created there by default.  Instead, users have to click a strange up arrow:


It can be fixed per user and per application by clicking Customise, and changing icons to “Show icon and notification”.


There is also a checkbox for “Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar” – again, this is per user.

To stop this behaviour for all users you can force all System Tray icons to be visible on the Taskbar in regedit.  Open Regedit and find:


Create a new DWORD value called EnableAutoTray.  Leave its value as 0 (zero).  Log off and log back on or reboot and regardless of what you have previously set, all icons are now visible.  Setting it to 1 will set it back to default for everyone, and removing the key lets you define it per user by putting it in HKCU.




  1. Thanks Ed. Can you do the same for one specific icon as well?

  2. Hi Ron,

    That would be the best thing - and indeed what I was looking for when I first researed this as I wanted to early show the icon for the Citrix XenApp client. But no, I could not find a way to do this - the registry key shows all icons, or a user could manually show one icon.

    Anyone finds a way to do this, let us know!


  3. There is a way :)