Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Very useful remote support app – PC Audit

A tool that went past on 4sysops recently was a very good little app for helping with remote support of PCs – especially useful in fact for the dreaded “why is my computer running slowly” question off a family member. 

PC Audit from MSI Utilities is a tiny application that can be executed without any installation (more apps should work this way…) and generates a text file which contains a host of useful information including motherboard type, what memory is installed (and how many slots are free!), disk size and space, the OS and service pack, all installed hotfixes and programs, everything that runs on startup and everything that was running when the report was generated.  Phew. 

I used this on my parent’s PC and could see straight away that they had too little RAM and (far) too many programs starting up each time they booted – the usual suspects of Acrobat, graphics card junk, PowerDVD, HP updater, etc.  And I could see their XP product key oddly. 

Anyway, if you get someone ask you to troubleshoot a slow machine, copy and paste these instructions…

  • Go to this website: http://www.misutilities.com/free-pc-audit/index.html
  • Click download, and Run the file it downloads
  • It should open a program and say “Scanning ... Please wait”
  • When finished it should display lots of information about the PC. 
  • Click File > Save As and save the text file somewhere temporary
  • Email me the text file – you can then delete it.

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