Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blogger - Creating a random Blog Description

This is how to create a rotating random blog description in a Blogger Blog – I’ve tested it using a new style template and it works fine.

First, Create a description you are happy with for your blog.  This will be the one seen by search engines and people who have JavaScript disabled.  Click Layout > Page Elements > Edit (in the page header element) and enter your description in the box there and press Save.  Check you’re happy with the layout and edit it in Layout > Fonts and Colours if needed.

Click Layout > Edit HTML

Click Expand Widget Templates

Search for <data:description/>


<div class='descriptionwrapper'>
  <p class='description'>

With this

<div class='descriptionwrapper'>
  <p class='description'>
      <script language="javascript">
        var r_text = new Array ();
        r_text[0] = "Text string one";
        r_text[1] = "Text string two";
        r_text[2] = "Text string three";
        r_text[3] = "Text string four";
        r_text[4] = "Text string five";
        r_text[5] = "Text string six";
        r_text[6] = "Text string seven";
        var random_i = Math.floor(7*Math.random())

Obviously, replace the strings with your random descriptions!


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