Tuesday, February 2, 2010

People on Picasa - Google is freaking me out. Again.

imageI haven't used Picasa for a long time but always liked it and thought I would see what the new version was like and it has left me slightly freaked out.  A popup asked me if I wanted to start naming people and up came a load of mugshots from my latest pictures (and even more worryingly, videos).  I started naming them and the list of unknown people dropped and a gallery developed.  It even knew people's second names and email addresses as I typed their names (I assume it ransacked my contacts).   And it started correctly identifying people with incredible accuracy.

Now I know that Google's mission statement is to organise the world's information and make it instantly available and useful to everyone - I just didn't think that extended to what all my friends looked like and what their names are.  I hope Google never does start to "do evil" as if it does going into hiding is going to be very hard now!

Very clever, Google.  Very useful.  And pretty scary too.

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