Thursday, February 25, 2010

End of support for Windows XP! And Vista? (okay, service pack dependant)
Yes, support for Windows XP SP2 has now ended, you need to be on SP3 to be in support from Microsoft.  Fair play though, SP2 was released in 2004. 
But ending support for Vista?  Did I read that right?  I know that everyone thinks that Windows Vista is pants and Windows 7 is great (just a note to all you smug people who went straight from XP to 7 and think you’re so clever – honestly, Windows 7 is 90% Vista, you’ve just been missing out for 3 years) and Microsoft does want you to ditch Vista and go 7 as soon as possible, but ending support for their ex-flagship seems harsh. 
Ah, its Vista without a service pack.  You should have SP1 at least now to be in support.  Quite right too, Vista without SP1 is a bit ropey – especially at copying files if I remember.
You know though, its funny that I stopped playing with Ubuntu since I got Windows 7…

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