Saturday, January 9, 2010

Windows Live Writer

Some of Microsoft's more useful stuff recently has been in its Windows Live Essentials download - the Photo Gallery (which comes with a very good slideshow screensaver which plays videos too if your video card is up to it) is a great picture editor and much better than the one that comes with Windows XP or 7,

Messenger is where it should have been (in a download, not preinstalled like in Windows XP), the Movie Maker does what you would expect and Windows Live Writer is a very good Blogging tool.

I've tried to use Live Writer before but it didn't like my "exotic" Blog set up, of a self hosted website whose front page was powered by Blogger, but the new version finally supports it just fine.  I've always found Blogger's interface a bit questionable.  It does the job, but its a pain to have to sign in, the FTP part takes far too long and frankly it doesn't work right in IE8 at all.  It sort of works in Firefox on Windows 7 but putting Images in especially requires far too much hacking about in the HTML.

Anyway, its free, it doesn't need Windows 7 or anything (but you're using 7, right?) and it makes it easier to Blog, so that's another New Years resolution sorted.  But the best thing must be its Polaroid picture plug-in! 

Pointless?  Yes.  But fun.

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