Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tips for recording Citrix Apps in VuGen/LoadRunner

One of the most frustrating jobs I have had recently was recording user activity in some Citrix applications using VuGen - HP's Virtual User Generator.

This is a clever and mature product, known as Loadrunner by a lot of people, but it can be a little picky. You record your activity, get it all right, play it back and it just keeps getting stuck as things take different amounts of time to load or you get a popup.

Hair has been torn out.

Anyway, found this very useful resource from someone who has clearly spent longer than me using Loadrunner with Citrix apps.

Among the tips on the page I found one especially useful. I had great problems with windows of a specific name not being found by a ctrx_sync_on_window command and the test ending abruptly.

This tip got the Replay Log to report what window it actually did see in focus, which was very useful in finding why it was not working. At the top of the code add these lines once:

char window_name[100];long xpos, ypos, width, height;

Then before any ctrx_sync_on_window command, enter the following lines

ctrx_get_window_name(window_name);ctrx_get_window_position(window_name, &xpos, &ypos, &width, &height);

This will then log what window it does see - simple but very useful. Obviously your logging has to be sorted out if you're going to use this when the script is running outside Loadrunner on something like HP's BAC...


  1. I'll try that, good to know, thanks! :-)

  2. When recording in Loadrunner 9.5 using the Citrix protocol one window freezes and nothing happens after that

  3. I've used that PDF as well. Lots of great stuff in there.

  4. Hi, I tried opening the URL "" but its giving me 403 Forbidden error. So can you please help me out in opening this link.

  5. A LoadGenerator machine can run only a limited number of Citrix Vusers at the same time right?

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    We will be freshening up all the downloads, articles, blogs etc and re-releasing them, but your link may need to be updated. Check the blogs on June 1, 2012 for more information.