Thursday, August 6, 2009

Windows 7 editions demystified

Windows Vista was regularly and rightly teased for having too many versions, and since Windows 7 is "Vista fixed", no matter what Microsoft say, they have apparently greatly simplified things. Except it appears on the face of it to be as bad as before.

So here's my take on things for the confused:

Windows 7 E Editions: Microsoft threatened these editions, which would be same as below but with no Internet Explorer. It was just to try to stop the EU giving them another half-billion euro fine and they changed their mind anyway. So you can't buy them. On the right is an artist's impression of these fictional editions.
Windows 7 Starter: Perfectly usable EXCEPT you can't change the desktop background. Oh, and you can't buy it, only have it preinstalled on a Netbook.
Windows 7 Home Basic: Like Starter but you can change the background. And you can't buy it either, unless you live in the third world.
Windows 7 Home Premium: Essentially complete, though you can't join a domain. Everyone at home should buy this.
Windows 7 Professional: Just like Home Premium but twice the cost and can join a domain. Has things no-one will use like encryption. Everyone at work should use this.
Windows 7 Enterprise: Just like Professional but with a load of features 99% of users will certainly never use and would possibly have trouble spelling. Oh, and you can't buy this either unless you are one of Microsoft's bigger customers.
Windows 7 Ultimate: Literally identical to Enterprise except you can buy it for cash from a shop. And at triple the cost of Home Premium, we're talking a lot of cash. Only useful if you are a home user with more than 16gb of RAM - so almost nobody then.

There, simple!

Wikipedia have elaborated slightly on my insightful analysis...

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