Sunday, August 2, 2009

VMware Server 2 - great, fallen, etc

I remember the first time I used VMware Server back in 2006 - it was a happy day. Finally I was free from Microsoft's paltry virtualisation (Virtual Server - really, it wasn't so good, was it?) and while VMware Server had a curiously old fashioned feel it was stable and capable, and VMware Converter was a great way of hoovering up bad old physical servers and cramming them into VMware.

What happened? Why am I all excited about the new Windows 7 version of Virtual PC? Why is my preferred way of virtualising a Desktop PC to use VMware Converter and then immediately use a converter to turn it into a VHD that can be used in Vitual PC, Hyper-V or even Xen?

VMware Server 2.0 What were they thinking? What is that web interface all about? I've just spent about two hours trying to get it working on a PC with another Tomcat application only to find that they were scrapping for the same port. What was wrong with the old thick client? It is very slow when it does work and is very annoying to use, especially on a small screen. I've never spent so long scrolling up and down and left and right. But I have to use it sometimes because, to be fair, its support for 64-bit OS's is very good.

Hmmm, I wonder whether it is time to look at VirtualBox...

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