Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Freeware IIS web log analysis - Golden Phrases!

I've never been able to find a really good log analyser for Windows that doesn't expire or cost money - the main one I use is WebLog Analyser Lite but I've noticed that after a few months the search engine phrases stop updating. Probably just a bug that will get fixed sometime but annoying since I at least partly have a website because I am interested in who finds it - and how.

I'm fascinated for instance that I overall get more traffic from "Bing" than Google. Wow. People use Bing?

Anyway, I've found another program to analyse just the search engine phrases people use to find my site and its got a great name - "Golden Phrases"! It works fine with IIS logs and under Windows 2008 Server and can be downloaded from My favourite phrases people used to get to me (though not the biggest I should add) include:
  • "The most dangerous moment for a bad government is when it begins to reform" (hmmm, deep)
  • "king john administrative skill" (how should I know? Never met the man)
  • "northampton boring town" (no, it's not!)
  • "Structure of the Nazi government? Chaotic?" (yep)
  • "" (no kidding!)
  • "who is obsessed" (I really don't know the answer to this. Not me though)
  • "clingy baby 8 months constant whinging" (I feel very sorry for you. Been there, done that)
  • "Children boys Babys" (That is really not how you spell babies)
  • "an alliance between middle-class reformers and working-class voters brought about" (brought about what? Don't leave us in suspense!)
  • "night at the museum 2" (I've never seen it and I'm fairly sure have never mentioned it!)

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