Monday, August 3, 2009

Command Prompt during Windows 7 and Vista setups

After my last pointless post about launching a Command Prompt during Windows XP setup I did a bit of digging and found that:

(a) Every version Windows since Windows 2000 has allowed this during setup
(b) I appear to be the last person in the world to realise this feature existed. Apart from my colleagues, who were as impressed as anyone can be by this useless titbit.

I had to try whether the new and shiny Windows 7 had the same feature and it does! Shift-F10 during setup allows you to see the command prompt, and presumably damage Windows at its formative stages if you see fit. I am assuming Windows 2008 R2 does the same but am not sad enough to try this and screenshot it.

In the case below I limited myself to running Diskpart and looking at the crazy disk partitions that exist during Setup. I believe the reason the drive letters are "wrong" is that Windows 7 Setup deploys an image of a half built Windows 7 PC as its first stage, presumably greatly speeding up the deployment.

And I can't think of a use for that information either.

Windows 7 command prompt during setup:

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