Monday, August 3, 2009

Breaking out of Windows XP and 2003 Setup to command prompt

I have no idea whether this will ever be of any use, but apparently it is possible during the graphical stage of Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server setup to break out into a command prompt. I believe I had to do this once a long time ago on an XP machine to resolve a driver problem by manually renaming a file, but using it once in 7 years probably does not rank it as a crucial thing to know. There is another option that changes the setup screens to a Windows 2000-style setup which gives a bit more information about what is going on, but this may prove even less useful!

Anyway, its Shift-F10 (for command prompt) and Shift-F11 (for the slightly and inexplicably different setup screens) to access these technological wonders.

I'll update this if I ever find a genuine use for these features!

Windows XP Setup Command Prompt

Windows XP "Old Style Setup"

Windows 2003 Server Command Prompt

Windows 2003 Server "Old Style" Setup

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