Monday, July 27, 2009

SQL Server - Operating System error 19(error not found)

Just spent some fruitless time trying to get a mothballed SQL Server 2005 machine working again to be repeatedly hit with the same less than useful error message in the Event Log - "Operating System error 19(error not found)" (Event ID 17053), followed by the SQL Server service coming crashing down. Google was less than helpful; apparently this error message should be self-explanatory!

Well, eventually the penny dropped when I tried to create a folder and couldn't do that either. Something about a write protect issue. So just to be clear...

"Operating System error 19(error not found)" means "your hard drive is write protected".


Don't ask why my entire E: drive was set as write protected, its a long and painful story.


  1. Good thing you shared that this article. I'm also having that error whenever I deal with SQL. I'm glad you shared the solution.

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  2. Thanks mate - spent lots of wasted time on this until I saw your post - for some reason on VM the drive holding the SQL Server logs was write protected