Tuesday, July 14, 2009

RAW disk scare

I don't like my servers to scare me, but one decided to today by pretending to lose 150gb of data. It was an NTFS drive which I moved from a Server 2003 machine to a new Windows 20008 Server. Everything seemed to be fine until I look in Disk Management and find it is "RAW" instead of "NTFS" and doesn't have a disk letter.

I do the natural thing for a calm and seasoned IT professional - assume everything is probably lost and hit Google for an answer. Luckily a colleague happened to just say as he passed "Have you actually tried giving it a drive letter?"

Well, no. I mean, is RAW, isn't it? Knackered. Except when I give it a drive letter it becomes NTFS again and starts working as if nothing ever happened.

Honestly, computers.

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