Friday, July 24, 2009


I don't like Firefox.

There, I've said it. Sue me. It seems to be just me left not using it, but I've just never got on with it. It used to be that I found the sites and tools I used worked properly (or at all) only in IE, but these days its more that Firefox is just a bit smug. Honestly, I am more of a Chrome man these days, especially since IE8 took away the great webpage compatability that was virtually IE's only strength.

But I will take my hat off to Firebug. Its a debugging add-on for Firefox and almost a reason in itself to move over.

I've heard a couple of people in the office using it to find why elements of sites were not working - image links being broken, content being served from multiple domains, that sort of thing. Not wanting to be a luddite (despite the irrational reluctance to use Firefox) I gave it a try, and not having a problem website checked out my own site. Lo and behold, I had a broken image link on my home page. The embaressment! It also told me which images took the longest to download and pointed out some of the content came from, which all hardly changed my life but I was impressed by how easy it was to use and if I did actually have a problem wouldn have been invaluable. I found the "Net" tab the most useful with this information, but the HTML and CSS ones update nicely as you browse and beat the hell out of repeatedly clicking Page > View Source in IE every time you do anything and scrolling around in Notepad.

I do slightly wish I had found this when I was actually a web developer, but hey, better late than never.

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