Sunday, May 24, 2009

Netbook emailing - Outlook is your enemy

My quest for a stable, fast Windows installation on my Asus eee 901 netbook continues - after establishing Windows 7 was much better than XP and monumentally better than Vista I still had it slow down quite a lot as I installed a lot of apps.

Then I found the problem - Outlook 2007. Its just slow. It SHOULD work, its fine on my desktop which in theory isn't really that much more powerful. Its even okay on a 4 year old laptop I have, but in my experience Outlook is just too heavy for a netbook.

Anyway, I've swallowed my pride and enabled IMAP on my test Exchange server, and Thunderbird is, well, Thundering along.

Actually, the same all goes for IE8 - it sortof works but Chrome is faster, so Chrome it is. I'm sure Firefox is okay too but I have an unusual allergy to Firefox. I'm starting to think the way forward is a Microsoft OS and only third party apps...

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