Friday, January 16, 2009

No To All

In another example of me learning things about Windows 2003 after 6 years of using it and just as we start to move away, I've just learned that there is a No To All button in Windows after all. Not something that kept me up at night, but from time to time I've had to click a No button a few hundred times as I copy stuff into a folder and don't want to overwrite, and I always thought it was an oversight. In fact I seem to remember cursing Windows as I developed cramps pummelling the mouse button few times.

I learn today that you just hold down Shift and click the No button and there you have it, it does a "no to all". Intuitive! Now, who thought it was worth programming that whole feature in but couldn't be bothered to make a button for it I don't know, I'm sure it can't have been that hard to go that extra mile! Thanks to Michael Bird for the tip, years too late as it is!

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