Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vista SP1 - useless files remover

If you have Windows Vista (XP users - give it up, its really old, its time to move on) and you've instaled SP1, you may well have a huge pile of completely useless files hanging about on your C: drive. They are pre-SP1 files that would only be used if you deinstalled SP1, and I've yet to see any real reason to do this, SP1 seems to be generally a very good thing.

You already have a tool to do this - it will free up some space, anything from nothing (if you installed Vista with SP1 included) to over 1gb, but will mean SP1 disappears from Add/Remove Programs.

To run this, go to a command prompt (right click and Run As Administrator if using UAC) and enter the command:


It'll ask you if you're sure and then churn away for up to about 3 minutes and suddenly you'll have loads of space. Nice.

Thanks to TechRepublic for the tip: http://www.builderau.com.au/video/soa/Remove-Windows-Vista-SP1-installation-files/0,2000064338,22461499p,00.htm

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