Thursday, December 11, 2008

Using Event Viewer to trigger actions

For a while I have been using Vista and Server 2008's lovely Event Viewer as a stick to beat Windows XP/2003 obsessives who refuse to move on. Its great! You right click on an event in Event Viewer and click "Attach Task To This Event" and just fill in the blanks. Its one of those features that is so obvious - getting a machine to automatically do something if that happens again, like email me or fix what just blew up - that you can't believe its never been there before.

This is a dangerous route down which to go of course. Previously we've installed a system then kept a careful long term eye on events to make sure it was all fine tuned and set up right. Now we can just bolt together something half workable and put in loads of custom tasks in event viewer to deal with the constant crashes! But we won't of course. We're professionals.

Anyway, getting to the point, it appears Windows 2003 had this feature all along. and for all I know, so did previous OS's. Its not as nifty, granted, but the command line tool EventTriggers will do basically the same thing, which makes me annoyed what I never found this before, since i I can think of loads of times it would have been really useful. Now we're finally moving away from Server 2008 I finally work out how to use it!

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