Thursday, April 26, 2007

VMware Converter

Why did no-one not tell me about this utility? Why is there not some pamphlet given to you on the first day in a new IT job saying "use VMware converter, its really good". Why does Microsoft not install it by default?

Okay, they don't install it because its reason #427 why VMware kicks Microsoft's ass on virtualisation.

Anyway, allow me to sum up VMware converter. Its a program which sucks physical desktop and server Windows machines into VMware, and for good measure it'll have Microsoft virtual machines too. Or older VMware machines. It'll pull them into Virtual Server or ESX if you're rich. It comes in two flavours - "Starter" and "Enterprise". Is it me or are these names a bit too extreme? The main difference appears to be that Starter works best when installed on the machine being "acquired" and really is or doing machines one at a time. Enterprise can have loads at the same time, for those who just need to turn their server room into one glowing machine NOW, dammit and have no patience for this one at a time stuff.

Now will someone please put a popup or one of those annoying flash adverts or something on the VMware site shouting about this? All that messing about using Drive Image and Livestate to create images to virtualise machines last year was so unnecesary...